February 23rd, 2010

cute adam

Post US Album Promo Tour

2010-02-02 - Interview with Lyndsey Parker
Notes: Source Part 1 Part 2
iPod-compatible Interview

2010-02-12 - AOL Sessions
All video and audio files here (Source)

2010-02-15 - Stripped
Notes: The files in Z100 are actually iPod-compatible media files wrapped in FLV containers. I've remuxed them losslessly back to mp4s that can play on iPods. Ditto for the audio files.
All video and audio files here (Sources Z100.com and YouTube)

2010-02-18 - DonorsChoose.org ONTD_AI Chat
iPod-Compatible Vid (Source | FLV)
Audio versions + Teaser Video

2010-02-22 - VH1 - Pop Couture
Note: Adam explains his playful style and reveals his biggest splurges. He also dishes on his Banana Republic-wearing past and getting wardrobe advice from Gene Simmons.
Interview (both parts) (Source Part 1 Part 2)

Bonus: 2010-02-24 - Band Chat
Ipod-compatible Vid

2010-03-02 - Tonight Show with Jay Leno
Notes: HD cap of Sleepwalker performance by claysangel
Ipod-compatible mp4 with 256k audio | Audio only (5.1 surround m4a | 5.1 surround FLAC | 256k mp3) (Source)
Backstage Interview (Source)