March 7th, 2010

cute adam

Australia Album Promo

2010-03-04 - The Circle
On For Your Entertainment (iPod-compatible) (Source)

2010-03-04 - 7PM Project
5 Fast Facts (iPod-compatible) (Source)

2010-03-04 - So You Think You Can Dance Australia
Whataya Want From Me (iPod-compatible) (Source)
Interview (iPod-compatible) (Source)
Backstage Interview (iPod-compatible) (Source)

2010-03-05 -
Living a Dream (iPod-compatible) (Source)

2010-03-05 -
Interview (iPod-compatible) (Source)

2010-03-05 - NovaFM
Powering a Spaceship (Source)
Adam Lambert is Insane (Source)
Chat Roulette (Source)
Full Interview (audio only) (Source)
Live acoustic performances of Music Again, Whataya Want From Me, Sleepwalker

2010-03-05 -
Notes: Original audio source was unbalanced. I've converted the audio to mono to fix the sound issues.
1080 HD Interview | iPod-compatible (Source)

2010-03-06 - Kerri-Anne
Notes: Source by claysangel
iPod-compatible (Source)

2010-03-07 - Mardi Gras, Sydney
Holy mother of god, datass and godpiece
For Your Entertainment (iPod-compatible) (Source)

2010-03-08 - Sunrise, Sydney
Notes: Shared by claysangel; capped by tixe
Whataya Want For Me (iPod-compatible 256k audio) (Source)

2010-03-08 - Hot30
Adam Chats with Tim Lee and Biggzy (Audio only)
Wanna See Adam's Ring?

2010-03-08 - Mix106.5
Interview (m4a version)

2010-03-08 - TodayNetwork
Her Name was BJ

2010-03-08 -
American Idol's Sydney Shag
The Music Adam Loves

2010-03-09 - NovaFM
Adam Lambert Chats with Ryan, Monty & Wippa
Adam Lambert Interview
Rapid Fire Questions
Whataya Want From Me (Acoustic)

2010-03-09 - 7PM Project
Notes: Shared by claysangel, capped by Suave
Interview (iPod-compatible) (Source)

2010-03-09 - Take 40
Source: Take 40 Official Site (Viewable only by Australians)
Whataya Want From Me (Acoustic)

2010-03-10 - The Circle
Notes: Shared by claysangel, capped by Tixe
Interview (iPod-compatible) (Source)

2010-03-10 - HeraldSun
Adam Lambert Reveals He's Proud to be Gay