March 10th, 2010

cute adam

2010-03-10 VH1 Unplugged

FROM PALLADIA, BROADCAST 10 APRIL 2010 (contains hilarious onstage banter)
Notes: Unfortunately due to what seems to be a broadcast issue, Music Again has a glitch right at the end that causes it to lose a couple of seconds in the 1080i mpg, and add extra frames to the 720p version. If you want an almost perfect version of Music Again, download the fixed 720p Palladia mpg.

1080p TS version (capped by WhoAreU): highest quality HD video, 2ch audio at 384kbps, but unfixable glitch in Music Again
1080i mpeg (direct downloads) | 1080i mpeg torrent

Alternate 720p Palladia HD mpeg (obtained from IDF): high quality HD video, highest quality 6 channel audio at 448kbps, glitch in Music Again that has been repaired without noticeable visual/audio loss
Music Again (with glitch) | Fixed version (I recommend you to DL the fixed version)
Mad World
Whataya Want From Me
Broken Open
Down the Rabbit Hole

Optimised video for iPad/iPhone *NEW*
Notes: I joined all the 720p Palladia files together (including fixed Music Again), encoded to mp4 in 704x400 resolution that would play on both iPhone and iPads in great quality. The mp4 contains chapters that will allow you to jump straight to specific sections in the recording.
Download here

HQ audio for mp3 players
320kbps HQ Audio in individual mp3s

VH1 Sources: Source 1 Source 2 Source 3
MTV Sources HD sources
Note: HD720p files from VH1 website above have no television channel watermarks.

Music Again: HD 720p | iPod-compatible
Mad World: HD 720p | iPod-Compatible
Whataya Want From Me: HD 720p | iPod-Compatible
Broken Open: HD 720p | iPod-compatible
Down the Rabbit Hole: original quality 640x360 | iPod-compatible (video has been transcoded but audio is same quality as original)

Adam on Doing Unplugged: 640x360
"Down the Rabbit Hole" and "Broken Open" Revealed: 640x360
"Mad World" Revealed: 640x360
"Whataya Want From Me" revealed: HD 720p
Adam's Band History: 640x360
Adam's Love for Muse: 640x360