terraj (terraj) wrote,

Trespassing Album Promo (April-May 2012)

2012-05-01 MTV10 Things Adam Lambert Is Obsessed With
Source: MTV
MP4 Video in 432p

2012-05-14 VH1 Morning Buzz Ep.36
Source: VH1
Adam Lambert Shares His Views on Gay Marriage in MP4 Video

2012-05-14 Billboard: Adam Lambert Fan Interview
Source: Billboard USTREAM (LQ); Billboard Website (HD)
50 min interview (lossless rip; sync issues fixed losslessly)
Interview in HD720p split into 5 parts (MP4)

2012-05-15 VH1: Two Truths and a Lie
Source: VH1
Question (HD)
Answer (HD)

2012-05-16 MTV Act: Adam Lambert on LGBT Rights Progress
Source: MTV
Video (HD)
Tags: adam lambert, trespassing

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